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Active Filters: Clear Filters
  • High Quality Shower Filter

    ShowerSafe’s Shower Filter removes impurities, chlorine odors, and unsafe chemicals. ShowerSafe uses a revolutionary 10 stage design that easily and efficiently purifies the water coming through your shower head.
  • ShowerSafe Replacement Cartridge

    ShowerSafe’s shower filter cartridge eliminates chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, odors plus inhibits the growth of algae, fungi, mold and other eczema treatment irritants without upgrading to a pricy whole house filtration system. To change, simply unscrew the existing filtered shower head casing on your existing replacement shower filter cartridge, and swap in this one.
  • WaterSafe Faucet Filter

    ShowerSafe’s Faucet Filter provides you with the most healing and beneficial water available and will help to enhance your energies. Uses natural gemstone coconut carbon to filter water and a must item for home & office use.